Influenster Gets a Makeover!


If you all recall, I did a post a while back about the Summer Beauty VoxBox that I received from Influenster, and if it wasn’t awesome enough then, it’s now 1000X better! Recently, Influenster relaunched their site, with a complete overhaul of the site, the program, the badges and everything, and it’s sooooo great! Previously, the way the program worked was that you would earn badges that fit your interests and lifestyle, such as a Foodie badge, Mom badge, Blogger badge, and so on. About once a month Influenster would announce a new VoxBox, and if it was something that you qualified for, you would be invited to participate, which means that you would receive the box, and then were asked to review items and do other tasks, such as writing a blog post about a certain brand you received in that box, sharing a product on Facebook, and so on. For example, one of the recent VoxBox programs they did was a Naturals box, so people who had the Eco-Friendly badge were considered for that box. Now, however, they have revamped, and the program is better than ever! They are running a lot more VoxBox programs now, which means better chances to get one! They have also instituted the “Influenster Score.” The higher your score is, the better chance you have to qualify for boxes! There are a number of things that factor into your score, including linking you social media networks, blogs, and YouTube channels, earning badges and completing tasks within those badges, writing reviews (especially of products that are categorized within the badges you have), and other various fun things that you can do within the site. You are also limited on the number of expert badges (these are the ones that pertain to your interests, for example, I have the Beauty Queen, Fashionista, Pop Culture, Chowhound, and Sweet Tooth badges), so you want to make sure you earn the ones you are most interested in. That way you will be considered for boxes that you will truly enjoy! 

The revamp has made the Influenster experience so much more fun! It’s a great way to find out what people think about certain products, share your opinions, and potentially get some cool free things. Oh yea, IT’S TOTALLY FREE!!! You pay absolutely nothing. The payment is your honest opinions on the products you get, and your willingness to share these products and your views on them in other socail media outlets. So try it out! What do you have to lose? I included a link to the site so you can get started on building up that score and getting some cool, FREE stuff! CHECK IT OUT!!!



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I'm the girl who loves life and everything about it! I'm a huge pop culture nerd. I love food. I'm addicted to TV. Music rules my life. I'm a sucker for all things fashion. I spend way to much money on beauty products. I'm a tad bit hippie, and I love all things vintage. And I hope that I can share my insights and experiences with other people like me! This blog is mostly a beauty blog, but there may be an occasional post about whatever else I happen to be loving at the moment. Thanks for reading! :)

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