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Influenster Gets a Makeover!


If you all recall, I did a post a while back about the Summer Beauty VoxBox that I received from Influenster, and if it wasn’t awesome enough then, it’s now 1000X better! Recently, Influenster relaunched their site, with a complete overhaul of the site, the program, the badges and everything, and it’s sooooo great! Previously, the way the program worked was that you would earn badges that fit your interests and lifestyle, such as a Foodie badge, Mom badge, Blogger badge, and so on. About once a month Influenster would announce a new VoxBox, and if it was something that you qualified for, you would be invited to participate, which means that you would receive the box, and then were asked to review items and do other tasks, such as writing a blog post about a certain brand you received in that box, sharing a product on Facebook, and so on. For example, one of the recent VoxBox programs they did was a Naturals box, so people who had the Eco-Friendly badge were considered for that box. Now, however, they have revamped, and the program is better than ever! They are running a lot more VoxBox programs now, which means better chances to get one! They have also instituted the “Influenster Score.” The higher your score is, the better chance you have to qualify for boxes! There are a number of things that factor into your score, including linking you social media networks, blogs, and YouTube channels, earning badges and completing tasks within those badges, writing reviews (especially of products that are categorized within the badges you have), and other various fun things that you can do within the site. You are also limited on the number of expert badges (these are the ones that pertain to your interests, for example, I have the Beauty Queen, Fashionista, Pop Culture, Chowhound, and Sweet Tooth badges), so you want to make sure you earn the ones you are most interested in. That way you will be considered for boxes that you will truly enjoy! 

The revamp has made the Influenster experience so much more fun! It’s a great way to find out what people think about certain products, share your opinions, and potentially get some cool free things. Oh yea, IT’S TOTALLY FREE!!! You pay absolutely nothing. The payment is your honest opinions on the products you get, and your willingness to share these products and your views on them in other socail media outlets. So try it out! What do you have to lose? I included a link to the site so you can get started on building up that score and getting some cool, FREE stuff! CHECK IT OUT!!!



New Subs! Conscious Box and Bulu Box


Oh my, I have been awful about keeping up with this blog! BUT, I am changing that. Right now. I have so many new things to tell everyone about! First though, I should get caught up on last month’s sub boxes because this month’s will start arriving very soon! SO, last month I got a couple new subs, and I think for now that’s as many as I need to have! Not to worry though, I have tried out several new products and will be writing about them soon! For now, let me tell you about Conscious Box and Bulu Box!

First is Conscious box. This is one that I have been reading reviews on for months, and finally decided to sign up! Conscious box is $19/month ($12 plus $7 for shipping.) I was on the fence for awhile about this one because of the price, but I read NOTHING but awesome reviews, so I kept contemplating forever. The tipping point came when I saw a sneak peek of one of the products being included in the August box: a full-size Weleda Pomegranate firming serum ($45 retail!!) That alone is worth the cost of 2 boxes, and that doesn’t include everything else that they PACK into this box! I couldn’t pass it up, and I’m so glad I didn’t!! This box is great! Let me give you a little background info about Conscious Box (copied from their website):

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription service focusing on sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. You’ll receive one Conscious Box per month, and you can choose the plan that works best for you (with some serious savings along the way!)

  • Get a variety of unique pure & natural products every month
  • From organic food to vegan beauty products, you’re sure to find new favorites
  • Discover ethical and purpose-driven businesses of all sizes
  • Get content on daily living tips, exciting monthly themes, and creative ways to use your box!

Start discovering the best of the planet every month—sign up today!

I absolutely love the idea of this! I don’t strive to use products that are eco-friendly or organic, but I think it’s great to try new things, and if they happen to be good for you and the environment, then all the better. I am just starting to become more familiar with eco-friendly beauty, and this is an awesome way to discover new brands, as well other new things such as snacks and household products. They are also offering a Vegan box, and this month is the first. If you want to sign up for either of the Conscious boxes, you have until the 6th of each month to sign up and get the box for that month, so if you want to subscribe and get the September box, you have a couple days left! They have already released a sneak peek for September’s box, and it will include full-size Lavender Shower gel AND hand and body lotion from Avalon Organics, plus a variety of things from 10+ other companies! I’m not kidding when I say this box is PACKED with awesome stuff!! So, here’s a pic of my August box:


So many fun things to try! They also include tons of coupons and discount codes for some of the companies featured in the box, as well as other great eco-friendly brands! There were lots of fun, healthy snacks and cool things to try! I can’t wait for September’s box! If you are interested in this box, but not quite sure if you want to sign up yet, I suggest following them on Facebook. Most months, they have extra boxes, and offer them up to anyone (even non-subscribers), usually toward the end of the month. These “extra” boxes also usually include an extra surprise that was not included in the regular box. I highly recommend this box!!

Also new in August, I tried out Bulu box. I was searching and I found a code to get my first box for free! The box is $10/month with free shipping, which is a pretty decent price, and since I could get the first box free, I figured I could try it out and cancel after the first month if I didn’t like it. I, However, really liked this box. Bulu Box is a service that sends samples of vitamins, supplements, and health and wellness products. I got a 5-day sample of Probulin Probiotics, a protein shot (looks like a 5-hour-energy) from Elementz Nutrition, 2 packets of Immuno-Viva Energy and Immunity support drink mix, a packet of Click Espresso Protein Drink mix, and a few packets of Vplenish, which are little packets (kind of like sugar packets) of vitamins that you can sprinkle onto any food or drink for an extra dose of vitamins! Some pretty cool stuff! It’s great to be able to sample these products, as they are probably not things I would just go out and buy, because I’m not very familiar with them, but I love to be able to try out stuff like this! If you are interested in this, the code to get your first box free is FRIENDS4EVA. I would definitely recommend both of these boxes if you are interested in these products! I will do more in depth reviews of them in September.

Also, if anyone is wondering about August Julep Maven, I decided to opt out of that box. I wasn’t too into the colors they are offering, and the new product was mascara, which at this point I have PLENTY of (I will even be reviewing a couple very soon). I figured it was best to save the $20 this month and see what September has to bring!

Check back soon! I will be doing LOTS more posts and reviewing all sorts of great products that I’ve tried lately! ❤

My First Influenster VoxBox! :)


YAY! So, in my last post, I told you all about Influenster, and yesterday I got my very first VoxBox! So very excited about this one, mainly because it is completely and totally free! All they ask is that you review the products, share pics, whatever you can do to spread the word about the products. Not too much to ask for a box of FREE STUFF, right? So, here’s what I got in my box:


Not the best pic, but you get the idea. The card that’s included has a list on the back of the products you receive plus descriptions and retail prices. Soooo, onto the products. First, behind the card, is a cute little pink bag filled with Tampax and Always samples (2 Tampax, 2 Always). Now, I’m not about to review them here, I think it’s a little weird and personal, and I will review on Influenster’s website. BUT, the bag that they came in is awesome! It’s super cute, and will make a great little make-up bag to put in my purse. BONUS! Next, I got a travel-sized bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 lotion sunscreen. Now, I haven’t gotten to test the SPF part of this, but I did put some on my arms just to see what it felt/smelled like. It does make my skin very soft, and it has that awesome sunscreen smell without being too strong. I know some people don’t like the smell of sunscreen, but I’ve always loved it, so I have to say I like this stuff. Next, I got a travel-sized Sally Hansen Nails and Cuticles hand cream. I feel like this is a product that I will have to use over time to really see results, but I have awful dry cuticles, so I have high hopes. I will say that I don’t like the smell of this stuff much. It reminds me of that orange super-duty hand soap stuff that they have in auto-shops and places like that. Hopefully it will work well and I can let the weird smell slide. The next thing in the box was a full-size Quaker banana nut bread Soft Baked bar. I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks super duper tasty! It says on the package that it’s great warmed up, so I’m going to try that, and we’ll see. If anyone asks, I will give an update on products I haven’t tried yet in later posts once I have had time to try them out. OK, so lastly, the product I was most excited about and also the one I’m the most skeptical of, the full-size Sally Hansen Magnetic nail color. The shade I got was Graphite Gravity, which is a cool metallic charcoal color. I like the color, but I kind of wish I would have gotten a brighter color. I feel like the effects of the magnet would have been easier to see. Anyway, it’s definitely interesting. I only tried it out on one nail just to see how it worked and what it looked like. It’s very easy to use, the color covers well and dries surprisingly fast, but I’m just not sure if I like the magnet effect look. I will play around with it a little more and see how I feel about it. Again, I think the effect would have maybe looked cooler with a brighter shade. So, there’s my first VoxBox! I LOVE IT!!!! First of all, you can’t go wrong with free stuff! Also, I like that these are products regular people use, that you can get at a drugstore or Wal-Mart or wherever. So if you find yourself with a little free time to play around on the computer, check this out! I highly recommend Influenster!

While we’re on the subject of free stuff (and stuff you can get at crazy discounts), everyone should check out Sneakpeeq. It’s so neat. Here is the breakdown of how it works from their website. I figured it wold be easier than trying to explain it myself:

At sneakpeeq, you’ll aways ‘Find What You Love!’ We bring you new discoveries every day, from gourmet foods to home products to accessories and apparel at prices so low we have to keep them private.

There are millions of wonderful companies creating amazing products just waiting for you to use them; all they need is a platform to be seen and shared. That is why sneakpeeq exists!

From exciting new products by brands you already love, to awesome products by brands that we know you’ll love (once you meet them), sneakpeeq is your destination for discovery! Shop with us and share something amazing! Our mission is to bring you the undiscovered at scandalously low prices.

In addition to introducing all things you love, we’ve hidden tons of fun badges and price reducing rewards beneath the peeq button.

Additional discounts will be held individually in your account from the badges and rewards you unlock. The more you buy, share, love, and peeq, the more incentives and surprises you’ll receive. Spend them at anytime, and pay your special price for that thing you love. Check back often because we have new brands and products asking to be discovered daily!

Sweet deal, right? And those discount and rewards they mentioned? Well, here’s a great example of that:


I got both of these totally FREE with discount badges! They retail for $13 a piece, so that’s a pretty sweet deal! I have also ordered a Rumba Watch and a Rich Hippie rollerball perfume (which also comes with a bonus rollerball for free..SO MANY FREE THINGS!), and I got them at insane discounts. And I did a lot of checking with the websites for the products I was interested in, to make sure that the retail price listed was correct and the discounts were really worth it, and they really, really are! Seriously, check it out! Here’s my link:

Coming soon will be my review of my Julep Maven intro box, which I got for a penny with a code. I will share the code when I get the box and review it. Also, I’m still waiting for my Birchbox! According to package tracking, it was delivered to me on the 12th. It is now the 18th, and I still don’t have it. I have contacted Birchbox and am waiting to hear back. So far I have had great customer service from them, so I hope they’ll resolve this so I can get my box and review it for you guys!

Love and peace ❤