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Happy Birthday Julep–August Box


Last Friday, I got my very first official Julep Maven monthly box. I am officially addicted. This is such a great service!! August marks the first anniversary of the Maven program, so they shared the love with the Mavens! Anyone who is as obsessed with polish as I am would absolutely love it! If you didn’t read my first post about Julep, here’s just a quick recap of what its all about: For $20 a month, you get to choose a box from 5 style profiles. You fill out a style profile, and you can either get the box for that style or choose a different one. Mavens get the newest colors Julep has to offer before anyone else, and at unbelievable deals! The polishes retail at $14 a piece, and each box includes 2 polishes and another product, usually a new product. The It Girl box is the only exception to this. It is a box for straight up polish lovers, and includes 3 polishes. Sweet! So here’s what I got for August:


Pretty pink Happy Birthday box! 🙂


Nice little note inside the box!


And here is what came in my box! My style profile results were It Girl, and I also chose that for my intro box, but this time I switched it up and chose Classic with a Twist, because I really liked the colors. I love the options that Julep gives you. You actually have the ability to choose what you get, so you are never disappointed. You also have the option to add-on up to 3 of either the new product for that month, or any of the colors featured, for $5 a piece. I got a free add-on as it was my first month, so I added 2 polishes from other boxes that I really liked. So, time to break it down. My box came with 2 polishes and the new product for the month, the polish remover. It’s acetone-free, and comes with an awesome pump dispenser (no more spilling all over myself!). It’s a great product–removes polish easily and conditions nails so they feel nice and clean and wonderful! Also, the tote was a fun little bonus! I have turned my into a bag to hold all my polishes and manicure supplies! And NOW, on to the polishes!!


On the bottom left are my add-on polishes, Isla and Melanie. The top right polishes are the ones included in my box, Alfrie and Felicity. As you can see, the new colors for the month are metallics and chromes. LOVE! I LOVE these colors! They are all great! and here’s what they look like on (please excuse my awful paint job, I wasn’t really taking my time.)


From left to right:

Melanie — I love this color! It goes on very sheer with the first coat, but after a couple coats, it’s so pretty. I would describe it as almost a metallic denim color.

Isla — This is the only one I am mildly skeptical of, only because it seemed to be kind of streaky when I applied it, but I’m sure if I actually took my time, I would look great! It’s a really pretty bright pearl color.

Felicity — Really pretty yellow-gold.

Alfrie — This one is my favorite! Gorgeous dark metallic royal purple color!

So there you go, my August Julep haul. Seriously, if you love nail polish, this service is for you! Check it out!!

Peace ❤


Julep Maven Intro Box

More fun stuff in the mail yesterday! I got my Julep Maven intro box! WOOOOOOO!!! I’m really excited about this one! Julep Maven is an awesome service. Here’s the deets:

First of all, Julep makes really awesome polish. The coverage is awesome, smooth and not streaky, and so many amazing colors with new ones every month! They also have other products such as hand and cuticle creams, pedi creams, polish remover (new this month!), lip glosses, and more. With Julep Maven, the first thing you do is take a quiz to determine your style profile (there are five different style profiles). Once you do that, they show you what your profile is ( I got It Girl), and what would be included in your intro box. The It Girl box came with 3 polishes, the other boxes had 2 polishes and a hand cream. At this point you get to choose whether or not you want that box, and if not you can choose a different one. I chose to keep the box that was chosen for me because I loved the colors in it (I’ll get to that in a minute.) There are several codes you can use at the moment, which allow you to get your intro box for a penny! So I essentially got the box for free! The polishes retail at $14 a piece, so I got $42 worth of polish for a penny! Not a bad deal, right? So, after you get your intro box, you start your subscription, and this is where the really cool part comes in. A subscription is $20 a month. On the 20th of each month, Julep will send you an email and let you know what will be in your next box. Then, they give you until the 24th to make some changes. You can do nothing, and you will receive the box that they have picked for you (based on the results you get from the style profile quiz). You can also choose a different box, send your box to a friend as a gift, OR you can skip that month entirely. If you skip the month, you will not be charged for the box and they will just notify you when the next one comes around, so you don’t have to cancel your service if you choose to opt out on a month. Since today is the 20th, I got to choose my next box today! When you choose your box, you then have the option to add up to three more polishes for $4.99 each, and since I am a new customer, I got an add-on for free! I chose the Classic with a Twist box, which comes with 2 polishes and the new product this month, the polish remover. I then added 2 more polishes. The boxes for each month include Julep’s newest colors, so Maven’s get them before anyone else does! Super awesomness! So here’s what my intro box looks like:



I’m so excited to get my first “real” box! From reviews I’ve read, it seems like they also add a couple little surprises in each box, so I can’t wait to see what I get! The boxes ship on the 27th of each month, so I will post a review when I get it. With the penny intro box, it’s worth it to at least get that box! I’ll share the codes, and also my referral link. If you want to try it out, please use this link! When you get 2 friends to sign up, you get a month free! If you like it, share with your friends and reap the awesome rewards! Stay tuned for my review of the August box!

Here’s my referral link:http://julep.com/?r=22407276

The code for the intro box is PENNY, or PENNYINTRO. It seems these are only valid for July, but it also seems like there is a new code each month, so if the code doesn’t work, just google it and Im sure you’ll find one that works.

Try this out! If nothing else, get the intro box and get some free polish! Please remember to use my referral code. 🙂